Migrating database from MSSQL to MySQL

I had a task just couple days ago, to migrate all the tables and data from Microsoft SQL to MySQL database. I thought this will be an easy task no problem. After two or three hours trying to find solution, I realized that all the softs for migration are payed, but I did not want to buy one. So I search again, after a lot of searching and reading, I decided to solve problem using my skills, to write a PHP script, that will connect to MSSQL get all the data and generate create and insert strings.

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Info Page for Developers

In this post I just want to share, a very simple info page, that is really handy for me, during development or in many other situations. The page is http://koko.ge/info.php. First of all the link is very simple you can remember it and type it really quickly.

What you get on the page

The page gives you information about your IP address and user agent. Also It automatically generates a quite hard password and gives you md5 and sha1 versions of it. You can type in any password you want and get md5 or sha1 hashes easily.

Definitely this is not something new or kind of stuff you can’t do yourself, but still I find this page very helpful. Instead of searching every time on Google for password generator and browsing through unknown websites, I prefer to have my password generator.

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